hi. i'm katie.

Originally from a small town in Ohio, I had big dreams to move to NYC. I grew up with a dad and brother who taught me how to be a proper lady. Naturally, this included listening to Rock n' Roll, playing sports, running around in the mud, loving motorcycles and being quite the smart mouth at times.

I am currently a full-time, Senior Web Designer for Ralph Lauren in their Wholesale Digital and E-commerce Department. Previously, I worked at People magazine, designing their weekly iPad issues. I was pushed into the tablet game working for Joe Zeff, assisting in the design and development of iPad apps, such as The Final Hours of Portal 2, the Above&Beyond series and Time magazine's 9/11 Commemorative Issue. I was able to learn the backend of creating an iOS app, learn UX design principles and design for an interactive device with only having had a print background with some web experience.

To read more about my experience, you can view my full resume´ here.

To contact me, please send me an email at katieorzeck@gmail.com